Biography of Emperador de México Maximiliano I (1832-1867)

Emperor of Mexico between 1864 and 1867, born in Vienna on July 6, 1832 and died in Querétaro in 1867. He/She was son of Archduke Francisco Carlos and Francisco José I of Austria-HungaryEmperor's brother. He/She received from Napoleón III offer occupy the Mexican throne, when France invaded Mexico not to accept the debt assurances by President Juárez. After renouncing to the Austrian throne, Maximiliano followed the Mexican Crown in May 1864, and ruled with the conservative and clerical support.

The economic difficulties, the complexity of local politics and the pressure of the United States of America were the main causes that condemned the Empire. Abandoned to their fate by France against the Republicans, Maximiliano continued the war encouraged by the more radical conservatives, but the Republican troops defeated him in Queretaro. On June 19, 1867, after his abdication, he/she was shot in the company of his generals Miramón and Mejía. He/She was married to Charlotte, daughter of Leopold I of Belgium.