Biography of David McCallum (1933-VVVV)

British actor, born on September 19, 1933 in Glasgow (Scotland), whose full name is David Keith McCallum.


Son of the first violinist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of London David McCallum and the cellist Dorothy Dorman, studied music at the Royal Academy of Music - played oboe since child-, but abandons the race to enter in the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in the British capital. He made his debut in the British film in 1957 and in the same year married the actress Jill Ireland, who she will divorce ten years later. The infernal frigate (1962), directed by actor Peter Ustinov from the story of Herman Melville "Billy Budd, sailor", was her first important film and his first critical success thanks to his portrayal of Lieutenant Wyatt.

At the beginning of the 1960s he moved to the United States. His first American film was Freud, secret passion (1962), by John Huston. Among the best-known of his career in Hollywood are his small role in the great escape (1963) by John Sturges, and his interpretation of Judas in the greatest story ever told (1965), GeorgeStevens. Years later, in three bites at the Apple (1967), Alvin Ganzer, McCallum wrote and performed the song that gives the film its title.

After intervening in episodes of series such as The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (1963), The Outer Limits (1963) and Profiles in courage (1964), got a great popularity around the world for his interpretation of the Russian secret agent Illya Kuryakin in C.I.P.O.L. (1964), by Robert Vaughn agent television series, as well as adaptations for the big screen of series episodesHe starred in between 1964 and 1968. His work did not stop him appear also in Perry Mason (1964), The Great Adventure (1964) and The Andy Williams Show (1965).

From the seventies was devoted mainly to television, working on series such as Night Gallery (1971), Marcus Welby (1972), Hart and Hart (1983), Matlock (1986), the a-team (1986), has written a crime (1989), SeaQuest DSV (1993), law & order (1997), Team Knight Rider (1998) and, especially, in others such as Colditz (1972), the invisible man (1975) - a remarkable success -Sapphire and Steel (1979), Trainer (1991), Cluedo (1991), and VR.5 (1995). Subsequently, he appeared in movies from time to time and in roles of minor importance in international co-productions.


1957: The secret place; Robbery under arms; These dangerous years.1958: Violent playground; What a night that!; Infernal route. 1960: The long and the short and the tall.1961: Jungle street.1962: the infernal frigate; Freud, passion secreta.1963: the great evasion.1964: To trap to spy.1965: the greatest story ever told; The spy with my face.1966: around the world under the sea; One spy too many; One of our spies is missing; The big T.N.T. show; The spy in the green hat.1967: murderers by karate; Three bites at the Apple; The helicopter spies. 1968: sol Madrid; How to steal the world.1969: Mosquito squadron; The cattura.1975: The caper.1976 kingfisher: Dogs.1977: King Solomon's treasure.1980: Watcher in the woods.1985: Decision final.1987: the viento.1990: The haunting of Morella.1991: one day you encontrare.1993: Dirty weekend.1994: Healer.

Other work for television: 1968: The Helicopter Spies. 1969: Teacher, Teacher. 1970: Hauser completo Memory. 1971: She Waits. 1972: Frankenstein: The True Story. 1973: Screaming Skull. 1978: Kidnapped (series). 1983: the return of the agent of C.I.P.O.L. 1984: The Corvini Inheritance. 1985: Those Golden Years; Behind Enemy Lines. 1988: Freedom Fighter; The Man Who Lived at the Ritz. 1989: The Return of Sam McClud; Mother Love (series). 1990: Lucky (series). 1996: Death Game. 1998: coming Home; March in Windy City...

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