Biography of David Meca Medina (1974-VVVV)

Swimmer and Spanish actor born on February 1, 1974 in Sabadell. A professional swimmer, specialized in open-water races, has been several times champion of the world from long distances, and has undertaken successfully challenges such as swimming across the English channel or the Strait of Gibraltar, or make the crossing full from the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

Due to serious health problems when he/she was only a child, he/she started practicing swimming out of obligation to stabilize his fragile physical condition. What initially was a simple therapy became soon in a serious hobby and become the case, and given that the body of the young man showed privileged for swimming, a sport first amateur and later professional for Mecca. His body, capable of maintaining a basal heart rate of 28 beats per minute, possessed an aerobic capacity out of the ordinary, which allowed him to specialize in tests requiring a high resistance, in particular those of long distances in open water.

He studied in primary and secondary education in the schools Salesians San Juan Bosco de Sabadell, but soon looked for a center that also worried about his fitness, so it entered the colegio Santa Clara for athletes, also of Sabadell. By then it already became champion, year after year, the test which was his first approach to the world of competition: the descent to the Asturian swim laugh Navia (proof that won consecutively from 1990 until 2000).

To study high school became, in 1992, the Centre of Sant Cugat high performance. His interest in sport and swimming ran in particular even with his fondness for interpretation. For this reason, he/she joined University of art dramatic in Southern California, one of the best universities for the training of professionals in the world of cinema and television. From 1993 to 1998, he/she remained in Los Angeles, where he/she combined his career as a sportsman with his preparation to be an actor. In the United States could also develop the skills necessary to become expert in a little known in Europe, but with remarkable prestige discipline on the other side of the Atlantic: the open waters. Proof of this were his three Championships of Spain consecutive, in the disciplines of 5 and 25 km, in 1996, 97 and 98.

In 1999 he/she graduated cum laudem University already mentioned, but their sporting achievements began long ago. Thus, in 1996 began his triumphant career in specialty winning the tests of Ohdrik (Macedonia), 30 km; the of Cairo (Egypt), in 25 km; and the Alghero (Italy), of 17 km; In addition to mentioned Spain from 5 to 25 km championships. The following year he/she won several races for the Championship of the world, as the Rosario (Argentina) of 67 km; Cairo (Egypt), 25km; that of the Suez Canal (Egypt), 16 km; from Alghero (Italy), of 17 km; and the Ohdrik (Macedonia), 30 km; In addition to being again champion of Spain from 5 to 25 km. However, all these brands were overshadowed by his performance in 1998, which became champion of the world and absolute winner of nineteen of twenty races in which took part in the Championship, as Copacabana (Brazil), 25 km; Parana (Argentina), 88 km; Rosario (Argentina), 67 km; or Alexandria (Egypt), 25 km; In addition to the silver medal in the World Cup held in Perth. Also in the following year, year of graduation, was leader of the World Cup, beating Rio Coronda (Argentina), 63 km of testing; Rosario (Argentina), 67 km; and Atlantic City (United States), 37 km. Record-holder of the test of crossing the Strait of Gibraltar (2 h 29 m), was also record with conditions very adverse weather, with levante winds and waves of three meters.

In 2000 he/she repeated world champion title, and won the gold medal in 10 km, silver in the 5 km and 25 km at the Honolulu World silver medal; as well as the silver medal of 25 km and bronze in the 5 km in Europe held in Helsinki. In 2001 got four races of the World Championship Champion: Santa Fe, Rosario, Hermandarias-Paraná and Brasilia.

In 2002, for its part, recorded a Guinness record, swimming the distance between the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, which are one hundred kilometers, 23 h 5 m He/She was also, bronze medal in the European Championships open water, held in Berlin, in the test of 25 Km; as well as winner of multiple national and international voyages which include the port of Melilla and Barcelona, the crossing of Ribadesella (Asturias), the estuary of the Pas (Cantabria), Banyoles Lake and the crossing of the island La Graciosa Lanzarote, evidence which was champion and record holder.

In 2003 he/she got the silver medal in the race's 25 km open water and the bronze in the 10 km at the World Championships, held in Barcelona. He/She also won several tests of national competitions, such as the crossing of the Ribadesella (Asturias), the crossing of the beach of San Lorenzo (Gijón), the rise of the estuary of the Pas (Cantabria), the crossing of the port of Malaga, Torre del Mar (Sanlúcar de Barrameda), from the Bay of Plentzia (Vizcaya), and the port of Barcelona or between Lanzarote and La Graciosain all of them getting the title of champion and the record of the test.

In 2004 he/she got the gold medal at the European Championships, held in the swamp of San Juan of Madrid, in the 25 km open water race. Also this year got the best world mark at the crossing of the English channel (the fourth best in history), in addition to being champion at other crossing important by all coastal Spanish, as the Peñíscola-Benicarló, the ascent to the ría del Pás swim, or the crossing of the Mar Menor in Murcia, give some examples.

In summary, Meca has been in 1998, 2000 and 2005 World Champion, and winner of twenty-eight tests of the World Championship. It was a world record holder of the 25 km achieved in Montreal in 2005. It has been, on the other hand, number 1 in the world ranking in 1998, 1999 and 2000 of their specialty, and the first swimmer in history to win four medals in a World Championship.

In addition to all these professional milestones, Meca dared other impossible challenges that have jumped to the front page of every newspaper and which, although they are not under the supervision of the international swimming Federation, speak for itself character of overcoming of the swimmer. Among them, was the first man to join the prison island of Alcatraz with the coast of San Francisco with shackles on the feet (showing that it was possible to escape from the prison, and at the same time protesting the doping accusations received by his sporting achievements); to join the dangerous gap between the island of La Gomera Tenerife (44.5 km); or swim between Tenerife and Las Palmas (more than 100 kilometres) in 23 hours and 5 minutes. He/She also tried to cross to swim Loch Ness in Scotland, but poor weather conditions prevented it is. But among these milestones is one mainly: the journey from Javea (Alicante) to the port of Sant Antoni de Portmany (Ibiza), achieved on 5 January 2006, which means that a human being has been able to cross to swim the distance that separates the Iberian Peninsula of the Balearic Islands; de Sabadell employed twenty-two hours and average (estimates spoke of more than thirty-six hours), surpassing almost fourteen hours without natural light in the open sea, with severe weather conditions, the stings of jellyfish and even a contracture of the muscles in an arm. However, one of its most serious handicaps, and that led him to abandon in Loch Ness, is their low rate of muscle mass, which makes difficult the acclimation have little subcutaneous fat mass, which increases the risk of hypothermia in cold waters, something that could be checked upon arrival in Ibiza after crossing the Mediterranean, where he/she became exhausted and had to be admitted to a hospital (although it was soon discharged).

Mecca has been deserving Award for his career, among them the Medal of honour of the Committee Olympic Spanish to sports and the extraordinary medal to the merit sports of the Real Federación Española de Natación. In 2004 it was even nominated to the Prince of Asturias Award for sport, but to the dessert was not elected (the winner was the Moroccan athlete Hicham El-Guerruj).

The sporting career of Mecca has not been fought with her career as a model and TV presenter. It passes through the small screen includes sweeping, TV Canaria; Great Splash of TVE; To slipstream, Via Digital platform; or Mira quien baila, TVE. It has even been protagonist of a feature film, Sitges-Nagasaki, directed by Ignasi P. Ferre and coprotagonizada by Riko Tanaka. In the theatrical boards, has participated in the following projects: Starry night; Wellcome to the moon; Desire, desire, desire; Mud; Clue; What the butler saw; or Sexual perversity in Chicago, all during his tenure in the American universities. On the other hand, it has been protagonist of more than thirty commercials.