Biography of Angelino Medoro (1565-1631)

Italian painter, born in Rome in 1565 and died probably in Seville, after 1631. He began his work as a painter in Seville, and then went to America, where he was one of the introducers of the Mannerist style, a step beyond the Renaissance classicism, which would later develop the schools of Latin American artists. He was active in several cities in Latin America: in Lima worked in the Church of Santa Clara, which made the picture of the Annunciation in 1588; and the Cathedral of Tunja painted for the prayer in the garden and the descent from the cross, both in 1598. In the year 1592, he can be found in Quito, city where he left several works of merit in the convent of Santo Domingo. Towards 1600 he went to Lima, and there worked in the convent of la Merced in Lima, which made the portrait of santa Rosa de Lima, which is preserved in the shrine.