Biography of Zhores Medvedev (1925-VVVV)

Russian biologist, twin brother of the famous sociologist Roy Alexandrovich. He/She studied medicine and, subsequently, their interests led him towards the fields of genetics and Gerontology. In 1970, with the aim of gathering information for you drafting of the work a question of madness, who would write a year later with his brother decided to go into the psychiatric hospital in Kaluga, where could collect data in the field of the treatment given to dissidents of the prevailing political regime. In 1973, he/she decided to go into exile in the United Kingdom, and in 1979 expressly renounced their nationality, which acquired the status of stateless persons, but some time later it naturalized British.

Other works, besides the aforementioned, are mechanisms of molecular genetic development (1968), the rise and fall of T. D. Lisenko (1969), ten years later (1973), Soviet science (1978) and the nuclear disaster in the Urals (1979). From his pen are also biographies of past Soviet leaders (1983) Andropov and Gorbachev (1986), and the legacy of Chernobyl (1990), the work which makes patent their concern about the consequences of the nuclear disaster occurred in April 1986 in this place.