Biography of Zubin Mehta (1936-VVVV)

Orchestra conductor, born in Bombay (India) on April 29, 1936. Son of the violinist and conductor, Mehli Mehta. Before learn reading and writing, he/she knew the quartets of Beethoven and, at age 7, his father got him started in the studies of piano and violin. In his years of student in Vienna, Zubin devoted himself fully to music, where he/she received classes of composition and contrabass, percussion and Orchestra, with Hans Swarowsky conducting. There he/she discovered to Brahms, Mahler, Bruckner, Strausss, Shoenberg, and graduated in 1957 from the Viennese Conservatoire.

In 1958 he/she won the first International Prize in composition in Liverpool and got a place of assistant conductor for the Philharmonic in this British city. Subsequently, he/she conducted the Orchestra of Montréal until 1967 and Los Angeles until 1978. After his dismissal in the latter, he/she succeeded Pierre Boulez as the owner of the New York Philharmonic. Their success in front of this Orchestra, one of the largest in the world, makes that contracts renewed him until 1990, with what has become the director more time has remained at the forefront of this Orchestra. Also his relationship with the Israel Philharmonic is very narrow; in 1968 he/she was appointed director of the same, and since 1981 occupies the charge lifetime.

Noted for his fight for human rights. One of the first concerts that directed Mehta, when he/she was 20 years, had as a Hungarian refugee camp in Austria. He/She also refused to go in South Africa, as shown in its rejection against apartheid and has promoted various shows in the United States against the use of nuclear weapons. He/She has conducted concerts in Bethlehem during the six-day war; in Buenos Aires, after the defeat of the Malvinas. in Russia, in China, Nicaragua, or Harlem. Its image turned to the world, when with a gas mask around the neck, visited the attacked Tel Aviv, during the war in the Persian Gulf, as when, in command of his baton he/she directed, on June 19, 1994, in a concert sponsored by United Nations, José Carreras, Ruggero Raimondi, Cecilia Gasdin and Ildig Kamlosi in the ruins of the National Library of Sarajevo.

In 1995, with Bavarian culture Minister Hans Zehetmair, signed an agreement whereby Mehta will be, from 1998, director general of the Bavarian State opera musical.

On April 10, 2006 it held (in advance) his 70th birthday with the Israel Philharmonic with a concert in which music students yielded a heartfelt tribute to the master; the actress Sophia Loren, friend of the director, served as master of ceremonies.