Biography of King of Babilonia Meli-shipak II (1186-1172 a.C.)

(Me-li-shi-pak) Thirty third King of the 3rd dynasty of Babylon (cassita dynasty), son and successor of Adad-shum-usur. It is very little is known of his reign and it is only through six kudurru, in two of which CITES his son Marduk-apla-iddina I, which would happen on the throne, and her daughter Khunnubat-Nanaya. He/She did some work in the temple Ekur nippur and the Isin Egalmakh. A late text recalls the benefits distributed in Ur. There are some economic texts located at points of Mesopotamia and Syria dated his reign. The kudurru of his reign are very important especially two of them, found in Susa and treasured in the Museum of Louvre: in one (68 cm tall) Meli-shipak II presents his daughter to the goddess Inanna and the other (54 cm tall) includes a number of divine symbols cassitas.