Biography of Arturo Mélida (1849-1902)

Architect, sculptor, and Spanish Illustrator, born in Madrid in 1839, and died in the same city in 1902. In 1866 he/she entered the school of staff, two years later he/she abandoned military studies to dedicate himself to architecture, obtaining the title, in 1873, in the special school of Madrid. It was one of the most illustrious representatives of the late 19th century architectural eclecticism. He/She was the author of the Spanish Pavilion of the international exhibition of Paris of 1889, the restoration of the cloister of San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo and the school of Arts and crafts in this same city. It also made architectural composition and some sculptures of the monument to Colón of Madrid, in addition to the project for the mausoleum of Colon in the Cathedral of Seville.