Biography of Alberto Méndez (s. XX)

Dancer and choreographer Cuban, born in Pinar del Rio. He made his debut with the national set of modern dance in 1959 and joined the cast of the National Ballet of Cuba the following year. He began his career as a choreographer with Plasmasis (Barroso, 1970), which won the first prize of choreography modern of the V contest Internacioncal of Ballet of Varna of that same year. Has also choreographed: we will see last night, Margaret (Sauguet, 1971), from the 16th to the 20th (Britten, 1972), afternoon nap (Lecuona, 1973), times of solitude (Lecuona, 1973), the river and the Bosque (Warrior, 1973) which was first prize of modern choreography in VII International Ballet competition in Varna (1974), La Bella Cubana (Roig and White, 1973), Nuestra América (folk music1973) choreographed Iván Tenorio and C. Carranco, woman (1974), history of Ballet (several, 1975), step two (Mangiagalli, 1975), Polonaise (Chopin, 1975),...Of the waves (folk music, 1975) choreographed with Gustavo Herrera, Los taught to be strong (Estevez, 1975), the Duo always (Vitier, 1976), step 3 (Mauri, 1976), Safeta love (folk music, 1976), glorious landing (Landa, 1976), Waltz (Gounod, 1976), La Peri (Burgmüller, 1976), youth (several, 1977), song for the odd flower (Soriabin, 1977), the future was born in October (several, 1977)Dolls (Egüés, 1978) with which obtained the first prize of modern choreography at the International Ballet competition in Tokyo (1978), Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky, 1978), in the garden (several, 1978). Other his choreographies are: Ad Libitum (Vitier, 1978) to Antonio Gades and Alicia Alonso, La Diva (Guerrero, 1983) based on the life of María Callas, poem of love and the Sea (Chausson, 1990) created to Alicia Alonso and Rudolf Nureyev, Nutcracker: dance the Chocolate (Tchaikovsky, 1992) for the 13th Havana International Festival of Ballet of, Cristoforo Colombo (Donizetti, 1992) for the theatre of la ScalaMemoirs of the Lady of the Camelias (Chopin, 1992) premiered at the Teatro Roma Sistine, evil angels (Scriabin, 1994) and Phantom of the Opera: The Ballet (Liszt and Torres, 1997) for Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico.

His career has received, among other awards, the distinction of the National Council of culture of Cuba (1976) and has been honored with membership in the order of the national trade union of workers of Arts and spectacles of Cuba (1975).