Biography of Faraón de Egipto Menes (ca. 3100 a.C.)

(Mn) One of the first Egyptian kings, considered unifier of the country and the first Pharaoh. The historicity of Menes has not been confirmed, despite numerous attempts made to identify with one of the first Kings of the first dynasty ( Aha,Narmer). The oldest document referring to its name dates back to the half of the 15th century: it's a scarab in which appear the names of Menes, Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III. It appears also, also registered in the real lists (of Abydos, Sakkara and Turin). The Greek sources allude to Menes, both Herodotus, who does this founder of Memphis and a temple to Ptah in such locality, as Diodorus, collecting a tradition according to which volumes would have been saved during a hunt for a crocodile, in whose memory there would be founded Crocodilopolis (the ancient Shedet); Manetho, on the other hand, ascribes to him no less than 62-year reign, and also indicates that he/she died ripped apart by a hippopotamus. In fact, Menes was more the ideal prototype of the Pharaoh from the new Kingdom than a figure with historical consistency.