Biography of King of Urartu Menua (810-786 a.C.)

(ME-nu-a or I-i-nu-a) King of Urartu, son and successor of Ishpuini, whose name is associated over the past nine years of the reign of this. The performance of Menua, as independent monarch, basically focused on the construction of cities and fortresses, security posts and piping work, given the agricultural thrust which gave to his reign. Regarding its military activities, is known by various inscriptions that Menua have arrived (his name is collected in more than one hundred texts), urarteas weapons for sector West attacked both banks of the river Murad - its. Here subjected to Shebeteria (today Palu), Khuzana (Hozan) and Supani, thus reaching the Syria from the North, where it received tribute from the King of Melitea (Malatya), called Suliekhanal. To the East, past the river Araxes, reached the country of the maneos; by the North reached the lands of the Transcaucasia. This enabled Menua dominate a vast territory as a large triangle whose vertices were in Erivan Palรน and Tashtepe, what did that Urartu would become one of the largest States of former Asia and Menua titulase, among other titles of political content, "Powerful King" and "Great King". Also managed the country of Alzi, in the headwaters of the Tigris River to escape to the Assyrian influence, despite against attempts by the Queen Semiramis, who still survive today in Armenia some legends, and by his son Adad-nirari III. In spite of being a mighty King and have been faced with Assyria, ignored Menua name doesn't show up in the Assyrian sources. At his death the Kingdom became Argishti I.