Biography of Melina Mercouri (1925-1994)

Greek actress born in Athens. His interest in theatre led her to become part of the national theatre of Athens, with classical repertoire. Classic he/she joined the modern in Paris, in 1952, and from there to the film Stella (1955). Married to director Jules Dassin, together made the best films of the actress: he/she who must die (1956), never on Sunday (1960). Other films are the Gypsy and the gentleman (1958), universal judgement (1961) or Topkapi (1964). His political activities against the dictatorship of the colonels forced her into exile in 1974; on his return in 1977 was Deputy and Minister of culture with the Papandreou Government.

In 1994 it was operated of a cancer in the right lung in the Memorial hospital in New York, where he/she died on March 6 due to a cardiac arrest. He/She was buried with honors of head of Government in Athens.


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