Biography of José Francisco Merino López (1952-VVVV)

Salvadoran politician, born in San Miguel, on February 29, 1952. He/She studied at the Faculty of engineering and architecture at the University of El Salvador, although he/she did not graduate.

In 1980 he/she began his political activity in sand. Three years later he/she was appointed first Secretary of the constituent Assembly. He/She was also a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and justice, and a member of the Commission of finance and special of the Presupuesto.participo as a delegate in El Salvador before the American Council of Young Political Leaders (American Council of young political leaders), and the preparatory session of the Parliament of Central America and the Caribbean in Cartagena de Indias, 1984 Colombia.En was appointed head of its parliamentary group, office where he/she stayed until July of the same year. With 32 years, was the spokesman for younger group in the Americas.It was political observer in 1984 in United States elections, and in 1985 in Costa Rica and Guatemala.Entre 1985 and 1988 directed activities in elections for deputies and municipal councillors, as well as the formation of the self-employed the Salvador.Para Electoral registration process Salvadoran elections held on 19 March 1989, Merino López was the number two of his partyARENA, after the candidate to the President Alfredo Cristiani. With support from almost 54 percent of the votes cast, Cristiani and Merino were confirmed by the Electoral Council as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively. They took possession of their offices on June 1, 1989, from the hands of the Christian-Democrat Napoleón Duarte.