Biography of Meritatón (ca. 1354 a.C.)

(Mrit-Itn) Eldest daughter of Akhenaten, Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty, and his wife Nefertiti, who appear figurative in numerous reliefs of Akhetatón (Tell el-Amarna). The real wife of Smenkhkare, was also Akhenaten's successor. After the death of his younger sister, Maketaton, and the voluntary isolation from his mother (the name of Nefertiti is scraped and replaced by Meritaton in building love of Maru Atón), Meritaton acted as the main Queen, as it is inferred from the scenes relivarias and inscriptions that have arrived. We have evidence that Meritaton had given birth to a daughter, name Meritatentasherit, "King's daughter", arguing that most likely such a King there was be his own father Akhenaten. The name of Meritaton, in addition to appearing in numerous reliefs, is also collected in the charts of the actual file, sometimes written with the affectionate nickname of Mayati. For political reasons, he/she got married, as he/she is said, with Smenkhkare, a Prince of the Royal family whose exact relationship is unknown, and which had been favorite and maybe easy of Akhenaton. The coregency short-lived, since the reign of Smenkhkare was brief, apart from having become a widower of Meritaton, as it is inferred from the wakes of border of the own Tell el-Amarna. Although the circumstances of his death are ignored, Meritaton had to be buried in Thebes, in a grave that has not yet been localized.