Biography of rey sumerio Mes-Kalam-Dug (ca. 2600 a.C.)

(Mes-ka - lam-dug) Sumerian King in the first dynasty of Ur, not picked up on the real list Sumerian. Such character we have received your wig by way of hull worship, from Ur (Tomb PG 755) Royal Cemetery, as well as a cilindro-sello of lapis lazuli with your name and title, and two bowls and a light gold with his name. Cultual town, beautifully chiseled gold and with a height of 23 cm, is one of the masterpieces of the Sumerian Goldsmith (currently held by the Iraq Museum). Month-Kalam-Dug any historical fact is not known. He/She was succeeded on the throne probably by A-Kalam-Dug.