Biography of Jean Metzinger (1883-1956)

French Cubist painter born in Nantes on June 24, 1883. At twenty he settled in Paris decided to become a painter. One of his first friends is Robert Delaunay. To 1908 he meets Max Jacob, which becomes part of the Group of artists around Apollinaire, among which are also Braque and Picasso, who exerts a great influence in it until 1923. In 1910 he exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants first. He began to publish articles on contemporary painting. Delaunay, Gleizes, Léger exhibits at the Salon des indépendants in 1911, in the controversial room 41, posed the first collective official of the Cubist painters. It writes with Gleizes Du Cubisme in 1912, where sit the theoretical bases of cubism. He exhibits in various salons of autumn and, in 1913, in the Gallery Der Sturm in Berlin. To this period belongs the cyclist (1914), where he tries to communicate the principles of the movement, in a box that combines futuristic influences and an essentially naturalist imagan, with Cubist motifs, as the technique of collage, the aggregation of sand to the colors and the presence of flat transparent to define the.

Landscape (oil on canvas, 1912). Marlborough Fine Art, Ltd. (London, England).

In 1916 he participated in a collective with Duchamp, Gleizes and Croti at the Montross Gallery in New York. After his military service during the world war, he returned to Paris in 1919, where it will live on. His solo exhibitions include the Leicester Galleries in London in 1930, of Hanover Gallery in London in 1932 and the Arts Club of Chicago in 1953. He died in Paris on November 3, 1956.


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