Biography of Thomas Middleton (ca.1570-1627)

English playwright, born in London about 1570 and died in Newington Butts in 1627. He/She studied at Oxford and published verses of scant value before becoming a prolific writer of theatre. From 1602 was devoted to the theater, collaborating with a number of authors, including Rowley. He/She obtained a great success with its urban comedies, and at the Summit of his popularity as a comic author, oriented toward drama. His tragedies are grim and powerful, and non lacking bloody scenes. Among them the drama women, beware of women (1621), masterpiece of great realism, which puts in scene the adventures of the famous Italian courtesan Bianca Capello. Among the works written in collaboration with Rowley: Witch (1622), the Spanish Gypsy (1623), and the changed (1624), masterpiece in the art of driving a double intrigue.