Biography of Alexandre Millerand (1895-1943)

French politician, President of the Republic between 1920 and 1924, born in Paris in 1895 and died in Versailles in 1943. He/She began his political career linked to radicals of Clemenceau, although at the end of the century approached the Socialist trends. He/She defended the proletarian internationalism and the socialization of the means of production.

In 1899 was Minister of trade and industry in the Government of Waldeck-Rousseau. It meant the first entry of the Socialists in the third Republic, and their actions were criticized by the majority of the French Socialists and by the Socialist International.

Millerand continued to evolve, but this time toward Center-right positions, so it was expelled Socialist Party in 1904. He/She continued his career independently, to serve as Minister of public works (1909-1910) and war (1912-1913 and 1914-1915). He/She organized a conservative coalition, the national bloc, which became Prime Minister in 1920 and President of the Republic from 1920 to 1924.

His policy was characterized by the repression of the workers movement, the strengthening of presidential authoritarianism and strained relations with Germany. He/She resigned in 1924 after the triumph of the sign on the left and went on to serve as Senator. He/She harshly denounced the military threat coming from Germany.

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