Biography of Liza Minnelli (1946-VVVV)

Actress and singer born in Los Angeles on March 12, 1946, whose full name is Liza May Minnelli. He achieved worldwide fame with Cabaret (1972), which won the Oscar for best actress, and film has Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards among others.

Daughter of actress and singer Judy Garland and Vincent Minnelli film director. He acted for the first time at the age of three with her mother in In the good old summertime (1949) and the seven also danced with her at the New York Palace Theatre. In 1962, he continued his career in solitary, with more or less fortunate films as a dramatic actress. He made his debut in 1963, with 17 years in the off-Broadway, in replacement of the Best Foot Forward play, made into a film in the 1940s, which won the Theatre World Award. The following year (1964) he accompanied his mother in his show at the London Palladium.

In 1965 he debuted on Broadway with Flora the Red Menace, work for which he received a Tony Award with just 19 years of age and, therefore, the youngest actress to win it. This would be the first Tony Awards got his career: special Tony in 1974; Tony by The Act in 1978; and Tony for their Liza completo recital at the Palace! in 2009. Among all his works in theatre also stresses their participation in Victor or Victoria (1995).

One of the films with which he began his film career is Charlie Bubbles (1967), directed and starring Albert Finney. Three years later, was nominated to the Óscar for best actress by The sterile cuckoo (1969), of Alan J. Pakula. Finally, the success came with the musical Cabaret (1972), Liza got the Oscar for best actress for her role as Sally Bowles. Another performances most remembered is the young man's face disfigured by an attack with acid that stars in the drama Tell Me That You Love Me, June Moon (1970) by Otto Preminger. In 1975 shot girl (A Matter of Time), the last film of his father, and in 1976, New York, New York, musical film by Martin Scorsese, who starred with Robert De Niro, considered "cult" but that was a failure at the box office. In 1980 Liza regained popularity with Arthur the eligible bachelor, comedy starring Dudley Moore.

However, Liza is mostly recognized as a singer and dancer in live shows, both as a musical-comedy variety shows. At just 19 years old he gave recitals in cities such as Las Vegas and New York, with a repertoire focused on songs from Broadway musicals and popular classics. With these themes, he recorded three albums for Capitol Records company; later he updated his repertoire with more recent songs, some composed specifically for her. Throughout his musical career he has starred in multiple international tours and shows for television, and he has collaborated with the likes of Charles Aznavour, Goldie Hawn, Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard, among others.

Also it has received several awards for his activity on television and in the record market. Thus, for example, received an Emmy Award for the 1972 TV special Liza with a Z, and in 1990 received a Grammy Award for Cabaret and the film for television A Time to Live.

In 1985, Liza Minnelli entered the Betty Ford Center Sanatorium by addiction to alcohol and drugs problems. Once recovered, he made in 1988 a tour with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., with great success. The following year he returned to first posts, now as a pop singer, with the album Results, produced by the British duo Pet Shop Boys. In 1992, participated in a homage concert to Freddy Mercury, where he sang with the Group Queen success We Are the Champions. In 1994 he recorded a Duet with Frank Sinatra (I've Got the World on a String) for his album Duets. Subsequently intervened in another similar project: the double album of Charles Aznavour entitled duets. In 1996 she published a new album, Gently, focusing on jazz repertoire, and that includes a song a Duet with Donna Summer: Does He Love You. In 2002 he presented his musical Liza completo Back in the cities of New York and London with a great reception by the critics and the public. In 2004 and 2005 he had an appearance in the television series Arrested Development, embodying the lover of Buster Bluth. In 2006 participated in another series of success entitled Law % 25252526amp % 2525253B Order: Criminal Intent.

After operation of knee problems with certain addictions and multiple ups and downs, Liza Minnelli reappeared on Broadway in 2008 with the show Liza completo at The Palace!, a recital in two parts: one, successes of his career, and another dedicated to her godmother, Kay Thompson, which traveled the world and was a resounding success in Madrid. In July 2008, he successfully participated in the Jazz Festival of San Sebastián. In June 2009 he received his fourth Tony Award by Liza's at The Palace!.

In 2010, returned to the big screen with a surprising participation in the film Sex and the City 2: 64 years of age sang the success of Beyonce Single Ladies including a moved choreography. In July it was decorated with the Legion of Honor by the French Government.


1949: In the Good Old Summertime. 1967: Charlie Bubbles. 1969: The sterile cuckoo. 1970: Tell me that you love me, Junie Moon. 1972: Cabaret. 1974: Journey Back to Oz (voice). 1975: Lucky Lady adventurers. 1976: Girl. 1977: New York, New York. 1981: Arthur. 1987: Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (voice). 1988: Rent-a-Cop; Arthur 2: On the Rocks. 1991: Stepping Out. 2005: The Oh in Ohio. 2010: Sex and the City 2.

Work in theatre

1965: Flora, the Red Menace. 1974: Liza. 1975: Chicago (replaced Gwen Verdon the months of August and September). 1978: The Act. 1984: The Rink. 1995: Victor/Victoria (replaced Julie Andrews). 1999: Minnelli on Minnelli.

Work in Television

1963: Judy Garland.1965 show: The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood. 1972: Liza with a 'Z'. 1985: A Time to Live.1988: Sam Found Out: A Triple Play. 1994: Parallel Lives.1995: The West Side Waltz.1999: Jackie's Back! 2003-2005 Arrested Development. 2006: Family Guy: No Meals on Wheels.


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