Biography of Peter Minuit (1580-1638)

Dutch colonial Governor born in 1580 in Wesel (Kleve, Germany) and died in the Caribbean Sea in June 1638.

Possibly by Walloon ancestry, Minuit wrote in Dutch and was a deacon at the local Dutch Church in his home town of Wesel, Germany. In 1625 he/she left that city, perhaps by the Spanish occupation. I go in the Dutch West Indies Company, and he/she was sent to the colony of New Holland, in North America. Probably that same year, he/she returned to Holland in January 1626 returned to sail westward, and reached the mouth of the Hudson River, from May 4, 1626. On 23 September the company appointed him director-general of the colony of Manhattan. To legitimize the European occupation of the territory, brought together by the Algonquian tribes and persuaded them to sell the island, which was bought by a handful of trinkets that just reached the value of 60 Dutch guilders. In the tip located more to the South, he/she founded new Amsterdam, which built a Fort where the first Dutch settlers could build their homes; this colony would more later become New York City.

In 1631 Minuit was required in the Netherlands, presumably to resolve the differences he/she had with the company. Some years later, to 1637, charged that he/she commandeered two boats with Swiss settlers, with whom he/she founded, in March 1638, new Switzerland, the first settlement in the Delaware River. There Minuit, one time more, bought land from the native tribes and built the strong Cristina, named so in honour of the Queen of Sweden, and which would later become Wilmington. In a commercial expedition, shortly after, at San Cristobal Island, in the West Indies, Minuit was lost at sea, in the middle of a hurricane.