Biography of Alicia Miranda Hevia (1952-VVVV)

Narrator, essayist, journalist, and Costa Rican teacher, born in 1952 in San José. Encouraged from a young age by an accused humanistic vocation, he/she studied at the University of Costa Rica, where he/she graduated Bachelor of letters. Later, he/she went to Europe to expand these studies in Paris at the Sorbonne, and there obtained the PhD degree, he/she returned to his native country.

Installed again in Costa Rica, soon became one of the main promoters of the cultural promotion of Central American women. He/She became known as a brilliant writer and intellectual of considerable scope in the leading media of his country, in which he/she published numerous articles and several literary partnerships (especially short stories, gender in which Alicia Miranda Hevia excels especially). So, it soon beyond the borders Costa Rica to collaborate in other many Latin American and European media, and won a well-deserved prestige in the cultural landscape of their country thanks to its production of different cultural programs for radio station Radio Universidad, belonging to the University of Costa Rica.

Among his most acclaimed stories, it is bound to mention the entitled "cross", which was released in 1986 in the German magazine Khipu, and the released in 1987 under the title of "The purchaser". In addition to these and other many short works, Alicia Miranda Hevia has published two extensive narratives: the novel entitled San Isidro (San José: Editorial Costa Rica, 1980), and appeared under the heading of the footprint of April (San José: Ediciones Guayacán, 1989). And as essayist, has given to the press other two works of great interest: novel, discourse and society (San José: Mesén publishers, 1985) and the blue syllables (San José: Guayacan, 1991).


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