Biography of José Luis Miranda Roldán (1939-VVVV)

Poet and Spanish playwright, born in 1939 in Malaga. But always he was strongly attracted by the humanistic field (and especially, for the space of literary creation), directed his studies towards the world of science. Thus, after completing College of Medicine graduated in this field and began to exercise as an optional, at the time who grew that innate literary vocation began to flourish during the Decade of the 1960s, when he released his first theatrical pieces.

Broke, indeed, in the panorama of the Spanish scene with works such as marked cards and check Lady, two plays that took a splendid reception by both public and critics. Despite this promising start, José Luis Miranda Roldán opted for staying away from the stage for nearly a decade, to devote himself to the cultivation of poetic creation and exercise of medical faculties. Then, published several poems of undoubted interest, include qualified games of silence and mirrors (1976), invocation of silence (Madrid: Ayuso, 1983) and Gazelle and cold (Malaga: service of publications of the Provincial Council, 1987). In addition, in his poetic recall a splendid anthological exhibition of his best poems, collected under the title words and cold (Archidona [Málaga]: City Hall, 1993).

His dramatic work, interrupted during the 1970s, found continuity in the next decade with a dazzling theatrical piece, titled Ramírez, work that was awarded the prestigious "Tirso de Molina" (published, with some delay on its premiere, in Madrid, in 1990, in charge of the Spanish Agency of international cooperation). After this successful return to the premises of Talia, José Luis Miranda Roldán continued writing and opening other parts that were also made creditor of important awards, as the girl's Almanac (Málaga: Diputación Provincial, 1997), awarded the prize "Enrique Llovet"; In the pit of needles, awarded with the prize "Lope de Vega" work; and transhipments (Toledo: City Hall, 1998), honoured with the award "City of Toledo".

In general, all the theatrical production of José Luis Miranda Roldán is characterized by a pointed poetic mood that voluntarily renounces any realistic temptation to move in the sphere of a reminiscent romanticism of unreal spaces and evanescent figures, all close to the realm of mysticism.