Biography of Andrija Mohorovicic (1857-1936)

Geologist and Yugoslav seismologist, born in Volosko, near the city of Opatija, in 1857 and died in Zagreb, in Croatia, in 1936.

He made his training at the University of Prague, where went to Zagreb to give classes at the technical school and then at the University. He focused his research on the study of earthquakes and, specifically, on the propagation of seismic waves and the location of the epicenters. By accident, he discovered that these waves travel faster through the interior of the Earth, through the rocks, above the Earth's surface, which served to determine the velocity of propagation, and deduced that the Earth's crust extends over a surface of dense transition, which estimated about 35 km of depth. The discovery of the layer between the crust and the mantle took place in 1909, and was baptized it with the name of the eminent scientist as discontinuity of Mohorovicic, more commonly known as rust. The Yugoslav studies laid the foundations for subsequent seismology investigations, carried out mostly by Russian, and American scientists who later made probe until such discontinuity works, which allowed them to estimate the depth to which rust is located at about 10 km under the seabed and 50 km in the inland areas.

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