Biography of Moisés (s. XIII a.C.)

(Mosheh or Mouses or Moyses) Head of the Israelites during the exodus. The figure of Moses, deliverer and organizer of the people of Israel, from the historical point of view presents many difficulties; However, now not there are doubts of their real existence. According to the Bible, primary source for the study of personality, was born in Egypt, from Hebrew parents of the tribe of Levi, called Yokebed and Amram. Miraculously saved from death, he/she was prepared to write in an Egyptian setting, perhaps destined to be used in the Pharaonic administration. However, not moved away from the habits of his people, as evidenced by which killed an Egyptian to defend an Israelite. For this reason he/she had to flee to the land of Midian, located to the East of the Gulf of Aqabah, where he/she lived with the family of the priest Jetro (or Reuel) Aquenita, whose daughter Zipporah married and which had two sons, Gereshom and Eliezer. According to exodus, there he/she found the sacred traditions of their parents and there he/she was called by God (the burning Bush episode) to remove the Jewish people from slavery in which he/she was. After about ten years, and in the company of his brother Aaron, returned to Egypt, country in which most likely reigned Rameses II. Moses asked permission to hold his people three days cultic in the desert, but Pharaoh refused, perhaps fearing that the Israelites to unite with the nomadic hordes sublevadas in Palestinian territories. Moses threatened the Pharaoh with the ten plagues that Yahweh would punish Egypt, threat that was fulfilled. Finally, Pharaoh granted the request of Moses, which meant the departure of Egypt and the subsequent exodus.

Moses, who was military Chief and that saw its headquarters (subversion of the reubenites date and Abiram), questioned walked through the steppe and the desert for forty years, during which it received laws and prescriptions of God on Mount Sinai. After a long stay in the oasis of Qadesh Barnea, where the entry into Canaan was planned and caused disputes among the Israelites for there to be agreement on the path to follow and the Organization of the tribes, he/she died on Mount Nebo, in the land of Moab, and was buried in worse Bet. The command of the Hebrew people passed into the hands of Joshua, his successor. About Moses, it circulated in all the old belief that there had been an extraordinary magician, author of numerous works of such matter, mentioned or referred to in the famous work Kosmopoiia.