Biography of Yolandita Monge (1955-VVVV)

Singer and Puerto Rican actress, born in Trujillo Alto on September 16, 1955, one of the greatest exponents of pop music of his country during the last three decades of the 20th century, has a wide discography after him and was the undisputed leader in sales in Puerto Rico until the appearance of stars such as Ricky Martinand Chayanne .

Authentic "child prodigy" scenarios, Yolandita made his professional debut in 1969 on radio Forum of the art program, and shortly thereafter in the television, in the hands of Luis Vigoreaux. In 1970 released their first album: Puerto Rico completo Poignant... Powerful... Incomparable: Yolandita Monge, which included one of their first superexitos, life. That same year he/she was recruited to present the noon Show, a program that introduced him to the public. After removing new albums with songs very heard on the island as words of love and not worth anything, in 1974 travelled to Mexico where he/she recorded for the TEAK label seems fancy and with all my love, discs that they opened the doors of the Aztec country.

In 1975 started a new phase in his career under the production of Coconut Records, a U.S. company that released four albums until 1978 and that launched him to the conquest of new markets: triumphed in almost all South America (Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela), especially with the topic of presentation closes his eyes and together let us remember, and among Hispanic audiences in the United States, country where filled with the prestigious Carnegie Hall, New York. His definitive consecration came in 1985 with the album Luz de Luna, a remarkable work containing some of his most famous songs: I see you pass, Lord of the past or the power of love, which added a memorable version of love, a song written by Rafael Pérez Botija. If successful was Luz de Luna, with maze of love (1987) surpassed all records in sales figures achieved, thanks to themes like every night I want to with you and you are magical, a disc of Platinum and the nomination for Grammy Awards in the category of Latin music. In 1988, a new album "best seller", experiences, showed his interpretive talent issues take that man's heart, weak, when it ends a love or caressing me, and already in the 1990s followed Portfolio, face of angel (1992) and moon fever (1994), the latter two signing WEA Latina.

All these works consolidated its position among the Puerto Rican artists with more sales of the era, with the popularity acquired, allowed him to cope with other facets of the artistic profession: thus, in 1986 debuted as an actress of telenovelas in the notorious scandal; He/She subsequently appeared in the lie, the angel of the neighborhood and Ave de Paso, among others, and in theatrical parts visit the beast (1991) and the Spanish version of Extremities; and along with his fellow countryman Osvaldo Ríos co-starred the Colombian telenovela La viuda de blanco. After a period away from recording studios, in 1999 launched two new productions: I feel and my encounter, which followed in 2000 an album recorded live, with the title Yolandita en Vivo. Among the many prizes and awards given to him by his brilliant career, is received in 1996 by the Senate of Puerto Rico.