Biography of Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

Marilyn Monroe.

American film actress, born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles (California) and died on August 5, 1962, in the same city. Real name Norma Jean Mortensson.

While many critics argue that it has been valued in excess, he/she was, without a doubt, one of the most relevant movie myths of the fifties. Its beauty and the scandals that surrounded his life were projected on an unstable career, which hardly left any Flash of originality and good work. The domain of the plane of some directors socially catapulted the ephemeral glow of its star.

Marilyn was born in the General Hospital in Los Angeles and was registered legally as a daughter of the couple formed by Gladys Monroe and Edward Mortensson. Lost the link with their real parents, adoptive parents were Albert and Ida Bolender, two Puritan evangelists whose religious fundamentalism deeply affected the social development of the child. In September 1935 Marilyn entered again in an orphanage in Los Angeles, and that new family loss defined their affective disorders, an emotional disorder that already could never overcome.

In September 1941 he/she loved Jim Dougherty, a football player who did not hesitate to coexist under the same roof. Their marriage was legally formalized on June 19, 1942, when Marilyn was still a teenager. In the most intense time of the war in the Pacific, Dougherty joined the Navy. With her husband in the front and prospects more than dubious, the future actress felt tempted by the proposal of another soldier, David Connover, who raised him with the possibility of starring in a propagandistic article aimed at the service of public relations for the Navy. Those pictures in which the young woman alighting of seductively arrived in 1945 at the hands of Emmeline Snively, Director of the Blue Book modeling agency. The story, seemingly inconsequential, meant its launch.

The new advertising commissions he/she participated contributed to model its side erotic and sassy. At the beginning of 1946, Marilyn posed for photographer William Burside, with whom he/she had a romance then aerated by the press. It was not his only conquest. In July 1946 the model met Ben Lyon, director of 20th Century-Fox company deal. That was a decisive date in his professional life, because Lyon offered the first film contract of his career. On September 13 of that same year Marilyn is divorced and, thus breaking his ties with the past in order to embark on the conquest of Hollywood.

In principle, their duties were limited to pose for photographers in the Studio and attend parties organized for promotional purposes. He/She worked as secondary actress in always in your arms (1947), a film directed by Walter Lang and starring Betty Grable. After some another appearance before the cameras, he/she was fired in August 1947. To not possess any heritage, Marilyn accepted by these more tumultuous proposed dates that have then been subject of speculation by biographers. Among the rumors that affect your reputation figure which ranks it as a luxury prostitute in Beverly Hills.

In another order, attended classes of dramatic art of the Actor completo Lab and approached the studios Columbia Pictures, where finally was not accepted. At the end of 1948, desperate for its unstable position, seduced the potentate Johnny Hyde, who pressured the studies so they should give a new opportunity to the young. By this time, Marilyn was subjected to a series of aesthetic and surgical treatments to vary its physical appearance.

In June 1949, he/she participated in the promotional campaign of love canned and shortly afterwards, expressly supported by Hyde, was presented to John Huston with the intention of shooting a test for the feature film the asphalt jungle. Although his performance before the camera was mediocre, the influences of Hyde and the intuition of Huston allowed Marilyn participate in the filming. In April 1950, Hyde spoke with Joseph l. Mankiewicz so give another chance to his protégé Eva naked. Unexpectedly, although the actress was only participating in a small role, the enmity of the team won for their continuous delays, amnesias, rudeness and mistakes.

Marilyn Monroe in gentlemen prefer blondes (1953).

Attracted by the beauty of Marilyn, the director Elia Kazan set out to mold his shocking innocence. Some time later, Kazan highlighted the fact that, despite being a little educated and ignorant, Marilyn yearned for social recognition. Perhaps that is the reason why he/she frequented the friendship of famous men. Thus, in 1952 he/she loved a popular baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. That same year he/she filmed Niagara, Henry Hathaway, the movie that cemented her femme fatale image. Began shortly after the filming of gentlemen prefer them blond, Howard Hawks, a musical comedy which exploited his most erotic side. A facet that, otherwise, he/she was commissioned to highlight in December 1953, when he/she appeared nude in the first issue of the magazine "Playboy".

He married Joe DiMaggio in 1954, shortly before being fired from the 20th Century-Fox by not attending the filming of Pink tights, as demanded it her contract. Readmitted again in the study due to their protectors, Marilyn filmed that same year lights limelight, by Walter Lang. Increasingly pressed by his life partner, Marilyn filming became a heap of problems, something that happened again when shot temptation lives up, BillyWilder. His public image of sensual and unchaste woman was unbearable for DiMaggio, who was divorced star in October 1954.

Frame of temptation lives up.

At the beginning of the following year the actress founded Marilyn Monroe Productions Inc., which aim to control the commercial result of his films. In love with the playwright Arthur Miller, took the intellectual prestige of this to enrich your personal myth. In line with this new facet, met in February 1956 with Laurence Olivier and Terence Rattigan to prepare for the filming of the Prince and the Showgirl. Unfortunately, Marilyn imposed the presence during the shooting of his teacher of dramatic art, Paula Strasberg, which originated his direct confrontation with the rest of the cast. In addition to be delayed at the time of filming his drawings, I forgot the script and even fell into sudden absences. This uncomfortable situation was repeated during production with skirts and crazy (1959), Billy Wilder, to such an extent that one of the protagonists, Tony Curtis, told the press that the shooting had become hell because of Marilyn, who highlighted his character haughty, disdainful and unprofessional.

Marilyn Monroe with JFK and Robert Kennedy in 1962.

The criticism of Curtis was ratified by another Heartthrob who worked with the star, Yves Montand, who also highlighted in public their delays and poor education that showed the Monroe when working. Thus, although the erotic myth of Marilyn Monroe was a fact, in professional environments increased disdain for it. Given their neurotic behavior and his lack of self-esteem, this reproach by his companions only served to repeat their shenanigans, as only form of defense against a world that didn't understand.

In that situation, the filming of rebel lives, John Huston began in 1960. Arthur Miller was distancing himself from it. Before the sentimental disappointment, took refuge in drugs, fact that even more complicated if the filming. The project acquired a tragic tinge when one of the protagonists, Clark Gable, a heart attack victim died. To further complicate the situation, the widow of Gable blamed Marilyn bad environment and the tensions that led to the death of her husband.

Marilyn Monroe in several appearances in public

Marilyn Monroe's grave at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

Completely deranged, Marilyn Monroe was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. When he/she completed the treatment, he/she surrendered to all kinds of excesses to escape reality. Lived an unfortunate affair with Frank Sinatra and became the official lover of the politician Robert Kennedy, with whom he/she met in the mansion of actor Peter Lawford. In 1962, he/she began to meet up with John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but the passion between them was broken on August 4, when the body of Marilyn was found lifeless. Although he/she speculated with a possible murder, the only certainty that unveiled the corpse autopsy is that the actress had ingested an overdose of barbiturates. This tragic and mysterious end consolidated his dramatic legend. His mortal remains rest in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.


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