Biography of Eugenio Montero Ríos (1832-1914)

Spanish politician born on November 13, 1832 and died May 5, 1914.

In 1859 he/she obtained the Chair of Canon law in Oviedo, Santiago in 1860 and Madrid in 1864. He/She participated in the Constituent Cortes of 1868. Two years later he/she was Deputy Minister of grace and justice with the radical Ruiz Zorrilla. In 1880 he/she joined the Democratic Progressive Party, which abandoned a year later. He/She was, with Sagasta, twice Minister of grace and justice, and one building. Life senator in 1889; President of the Supreme Court; the Senate in three legislatures, and the Council of Ministers in 1905. Vowel of the first section of the General Commission of codification, was a member of the history and political science. As Minister he/she tried to a reform of the institutions. His initiative are due, among other things, the Judicial Organization Act of the power, of the marriage and Civil Registry.