Biography of Eugenio Montero Ríos (1832-1914)

Spanish politician born on November 13, 1832 and died May 5, 1914.

In 1859 he obtained the Chair of Canon law in Oviedo, Santiago in 1860 and Madrid in 1864. He participated in the Constituent Cortes of 1868. Two years later he was Deputy Minister of grace and justice with the radical Ruiz Zorrilla. In 1880 he joined the Democratic Progressive Party, which abandoned a year later. He was, with Sagasta, twice Minister of grace and justice, and one building. Life senator in 1889; President of the Supreme Court; the Senate in three legislatures, and the Council of Ministers in 1905. Vowel of the first section of the General Commission of codification, was a member of the history and political science. As Minister he tried to a reform of the institutions. His initiative are due, among other things, the Judicial Organization Act of the power, of the marriage and Civil Registry.