Biography of Rosa Montero (1951-VVVV)

Spanish writer, born in Madrid on January 3, 1951. Journalist by profession, practiced journalism in various media, such as chain Antena 3 radio and the newspaper El País, where he regularly publishes his collaborations. His journalistic role was awarded in 1980 with the national prize of journalism.

She is the author of several novels that have won the favor of the public and critics, especially among female readers. His narrative work is composed of the following titles: Chronicle of heartbreak (1980), the Delta (1981) function, you try to a Queen (1984), Amado amo (1988), tremor (1990), Bella dark (1993) and the daughter of the Cannibal (1997). In addition, he has made forays into other genres such as essays, biography and collection of newspaper articles. These works of varied subject matter, include some titles such as five-year country (1982), the naked life (1994), interviews (1996) and history of women (1997). He is also author of some short stories, such as those included in the collective volume entitled urban, and stories of other appeared also in 1996 titled collective works (1995) collaborations and Sahel, the end of the road (1996).

He has also cultivated the child and youth, genre with stories like the nest of dreams (1991), the barbarities of Barbara (1997) and the fantastic journey of Barbara (1997).

In 1997 he received the Premio Primavera de Novela for his daughter of the Cannibal, complex narration, developed by three voices, says the transition from youth to adulthood. 1998 is his book of stories lovers and enemies, which addresses the difficulties in relationships between men and women. At the end of that same year, the writer received a new award: the circle of art of Santiago of Chile the distinguished in their annual awards as the most relevant foreign writer by his last two works. In 1999 he joined journalism and literature in the 18 stories of love in passions, 18 idylls that had been published by El País Semanal and according to the writer are a type of approach "to the biographical, the historical, essay and fiction". In his next work, the heart of the Tatar (2001), Montero turned to suspense and ambivalent characters to build "a vital novel, about the resistance of the human being and its torque capacity to overcome the most irrational horror". Two years later, it gave to the crazy House press; a job with autobiographical overtones which avails of essay and narrative to offer "a story of maturity, knowledge and emotion"; with this work he received the prestigious international award Grinzane Cavour. In 2005 he published a novel of adventures with elements of fantasy titled history of the transparent King. Also in 2005 received the award Rodríguez Santamaria of the of the Press Association of Madrid (APM), and in 2007 the prize Mandarache. November 19, 2010 received the doctorate Honoris causa from the University of Puerto Rico.

Some of his most recent are novels instructions to save the world (2008) and tears in the rain (2011), and the love of my life (2011) testing.



Chronicle of heartbreak (1979) function Delta (1981) I will try like to a Queen (1983) beloved master (1988) Quake (1990) beautiful and dark (1993) the daughter of the Cannibal (1997) the heart of Tartarus (2001) the Madwoman in the House (2003) the nest of dreams (1991, 2004) history of the King transparent (2005)

Children's stories:

The barbarities of Barbara (1996) the fantastic journey of Barbara (1997) Barbara against the fangs Doctor (1998)


Twelve stories of woman (1982) the dagger at the throat (1994) lovers and enemies (1998) the mothers don't cry at Disneyland (1999) tales of the Sea (2001)


Spain for you for always (1976) five-year country (1982) naked (1994) life stories of women (1995) interviews (1996) passions (1999) Bostonian prints and other journeys (2002) best of Rosa Montero (2005) the love of my life (2011)