Biography of Sara Montiel (1928-2013)

Sara Montiel, singer.

Actress and Spanish singer born on March 10, 1928 in Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real, and died in Madrid on April 8, 2013. Known as Sarita Montiel, his real name is María Antonia Abad Fernández. Considered one of the myths of the show, by its spectacular beauty, both their musical and cinematographic successes achieved great success in Spain in the decades of the 1950s and 1960s, although it is still a very admired actress and source of inspiration for generations of artists. It was the first Spanish triumph in Hollywood, where he worked with actors of the likes of Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Joan Fontaine, Mario Lanza, Vincent Price, Charles Bronson...

Sara Montiel was born to a peasant family of La Mancha who, after the Civil War, moved to Orihuela (Alicante). He spent his childhood internal in a religious school. He came to cinema thanks to a contest of young actresses, who won, giving him the opportunity to shoot his first film, I love you for my in 1944, under the pseudonym of María Alejandra. Extraordinary sensual beauty woman, worked in several more films, and in 1950 also shot movies in the United States and Latin America. In Spain made musical films, thanks to his voice and his specialty: the torch song, while abroad was limited to play roles of Indian or Hispanic. In 1957 he married the director Anthony Mann, which separated two years later. He also married with Pepe entrepreneur Tous, which adopted two children: Thais and Zeus.

It has been awarded the prize of the national syndicate of spectacle in 1958 by La violetera (1958), film that also won the prize of the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos, this agency awarded the same prize for the last couplet (1957), which was his biggest success. Also, has been awarded the gold medal for merit in work by the Regional Government of Castilla - La Mancha and the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts and cinematographic Sciences of Spain. In 2011 he received a star on the walk of Fame in Madrid.

Does not currently work in cinema, appears sporadically in television performances, but continued his activity as a singer recording discs. Among his films: Mariona Rebull (1946), Locura de amor (1948), things (1948), Veracruz (1954), Carmen, Ronda (1959) or woman (1968).

In November 2000, presented his book of memoirs live is a pleasure in that, among other curiosities, reveals the Idyll that shared in the 1950s with the scientist and Nobel Prize for medicine Severo Ochoa.


1944: Te Quiero for my (appears as "María Alejandra"); He started in wedding. 1945: Bamboo; Are you was the groom. 1946: The mysterious traveler of the Clipper; For the Grand Prize. 1947: Confusing lives; It confidence; Mariona Rebull; Don Quixote de la Mancha. 1948: Al Hoceima. 1949: Madness of love; The harvest is plentiful. 1950: Trifles; That man from Tangier; Red fury. 1951: Women's prison; I need money; Here comes Martín Corona; The lover; 1952: She, Lucifer and me; Cock wherever I am. 1953: Cinnamon skin; Because I already do not want. 1954: Requested models; Against the sin of yesterday; I don't believe in the man. 1955: Where the circle ends; Vera Cruz (Veracruz). 1956: Serenade. 1957: Run of the Arrow; The last couplet. 1958: La violetera. 1959: Carmen de Ronda. 1960: My last tango. 1961: Sin of love. 1962: La bella Lola; The Queen of the Chantecler. 1963: noches de Casablanca. 1964: Samba. 1965: The Lady of Beirut. 1966: The lost woman 1967: Tuset Street. 1969: That woman. 1971: Variétés. 1973: Five pillows for a night. 1996: Storm Heaven (documentary playing if same). 2001: Sara, a star (documentary playing if same). 2002: Machín, a lifetime (documentary playing if same). 2003: Thousand clouds of peace (your "Baby" theme on the soundtrack). 2004: Bad education (2 songs in his voice on the soundtrack). 2011: Embrace me (playing if same).


Sara Montiel in Mexico (1956). The last couplet (1957). Dancing with Sara Montiel; La Violetera; Kisses of fire (1958). Carmen de Ronda (1959). MI Último Tango (1960). The Tango; Sin of love (1961). Casablanca nights; La Bella Lola; The Queen of the Chantecler (1963). Samba (1964). La Dama de Beirut (1965). The lost woman (1966). Canta Sarita Montiel (1967). Tuset Street; Artist Hacendada (1968). That woman (1969). Always Sara; Sara (1970). Variétés (1971). Sara... Today (1975). Saritisima (1977). Last night with Sara (1978). Poles of yesterday, today and always (1987). Pure Sara (1988). Film (1989). Flower of skin (1991). My beloved (1995). Every night at eleven; B.S.O. thousand clouds of peace - his "Baby" theme on the soundtrack - (2003). Sara Montiel the Diva; B.S.O. Bad education (2004). Sara Montiel (2008) legend. Absolutely Saritisima - with Fangoria, (2009).


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