Biography of Henri I. Duque y Conde de Damville Montmorency (1544-1614)

Continuation of the saga of the Montmorency; He/She was, like his predecessors, Marshal of France and Governor of Languedoc, being appointed by Enrique IV Condestable. Anne's brother, Carlos, I Mateo & Mateo II, Duke of Montmorency, born in 1544 and died in 1614. It was initially known by the name of Damville, highlighted by his courage on the website of Metz by Carlos V and then in Piedmont. He/She was appointed Marshal in 1566, and was found in the battle of Saint-Denis in 1567. Although exalted Catholic, had to take refuge in his Government of the Languedoc to get rid of death, when the massacre of St. Bartholomew; there stood at the head of the malcontents, and commanded as sovereign until Enrique IV ascended the throne and sent him the sword of Constable in 1593. His lack of education came to the end of not knowing how to read.

See Montmorency, House of.