Biography of Marianne Craig Moore (1887-1972)

Writer and American poet, born in 1887 near St. Louis (Missouri) and died in 1972 in New York, which was one of the figures of the literary vanguard of half of the 20th century. He studied biology at Byn Mawr College, where she learned the importance of objective analysis to carry out their work, which undoubtedly affected his later poetic style. After teaching for four years, in 1918 he moved to New York, to the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, and the following eleven years taught at a school and worked in a library.

Public recognition came in 1915 with the publication po T.S. Eliot on the part of his poetry in a newspaper of London, the egoist. In 1921, without that she knew what it was published in England his poems; the same collection, with some additions

As editor of the magazine The dial (1925-1929) was one of the broadcasters of avant-garde literature.

Poems (1921), observations (1925), the pangolin and other verses (1936). Other works of his were as a bulwark (1956), Oh, be a dragon (1959) and essays (1955) predilections and tell me, tell me (1966).

Throughout his literary career, he received numerous awards, which include the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1952, which was granted to it by the whole of his work.

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