Biography of Alberto Moravia (1907-1990)

Italian novelist, born in Rome on December 28, 1907 and died in the same city in 1990. His real name is Alberto Pincherle. He was one of the main representatives of Italian neorealism. He suffered a bone tuberculosis, which left him almost motionless at the age of nine. Its the indifferent (1929) novel gave it popularity. He began his journalistic work in publications such as Il Corriere de la Sera, Il Mondo, among others. He was persecuted during the Fascist era due to his Jewish ancestry. His novel the Masquerade (1938), is a grotesque satire of a South American dictator. Agostino (1944), sample copy of analysis of the problems of a teenager before the revelation of sexuality, was awarded by the Corriere Lombardo. La romana has the experiences of a young prostitute in a society broken down by totalitarianism. Other works are: misguided ambitions (1935), the good life (1940), the happy lover (1943), the conformist (1951), contempt (1954), Roman Tales (1960), tedium (1960), attention (1965), I and it (1971), the thing (1983) and man looking (1985). He was President of the Pen Club International, got the Strega (1952) and Viareggio (1961) awards. In 1984 he was elected member of Parliament for the Italian Communist Party.