Biography of sir Henry John Morgan (1635-1688)

English FREEBOOTER, the largest of them all, was born in Wales in 1635 and died in Jamaica in 1688. He came from a family of rich farmers. His father was Robert Morgan, a farmer of Llanrhymny, in Glamorganshire. It seems that, moved by the desire for adventure, he embarked to Barbados, where he was forced to act as servant. From there it went to Jamaica, their true pirate school. You got some money and with various partners chartered a ship, that was elected Captain. Their first raids were unimportant and had as a backdrop the new Spain city of Campeche. Shortly after, in an expedition to Santa Catalina the Dutch filibuster Mansvelt did his Vice Admiral. It approached the southern coast of Cuba after the death of Mansvelt. There, he met a flotilla of about 12 vessels and 700 men, almost all English and French. With these troops he made in 1667 attacking Port-au-Prince, which was a great success. In the following years, Portobelo, Maracaibo (March 1669) and Gibraltar were the subject of their raids. His most famous action was the assault on Panama from January 28, 1671. After crossing the isthmus, he won a swag of silver, gold and jewels that transported 175 mules. The claims of the Spanish Ambassador, his presence was required in England. In the subsequent trial did not find him guilty of any crime; on the contrary, he was awarded a title of Knight and the appointment of a Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. As you might expect, his performance in this role was quite irregular. He died on the island in 1688.


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