Biography of King of la taifa de Mallorca Mubassir ibn Sulayman (ca.1050-1114)

King of the taifa of Mallorca born in Castelldasens to 1050 and died in Mallorca in December of 1114.

Liberto natural de Lleida, very young eunuch was transferred to Mallorca by an Ambassador of Abdallah al-Murtada who was mission of State in Barcelona. In the island he/she came to gain the confidence of the sovereign and he/she was appointed its first Minister, to succeed him on his death in 1076. He/She took the title of Nasir ad-Dawla, who appears on their coins, whose emissions, more and worse quality, end up in the year of his death.

His piraticas expeditions were constant Christian coasts of the countries bathed by the Mediterranean, which resulted in 1113-1115 pisano-catalana crusade to conquer the Balearic Islands. When the King of Majorca learned of the threat coming him, he/she ordered the construction of five kilometers of wall and many others pit on the outskirts of Mallorca, mortgaging part of their wealth, acquired through piracy (mainly against the Pisan ships) and using the work of its more than 30,000 slaves. Mubassir convened an Assembly of notables which raised to seek help from the Almoravids to defend the island, but before the excesses committed by Africans in the Peninsula (mostly in Tortosa and Denia), attempted an alliance with the Pisans and, following the plan of his counselors, Mubassir sought to improve the living conditions of their Christian slaves. In the letter the Regulus from Mallorca to Pisa offered the release of captives and the costs of its own treasure that the preparations for the war had caused to the Pisans. Mubassir negotiations lasted the winter of 1113 and 1114 part, but in April of that year Expeditionary troops landed on the island and rejected once again the Mubassir negotiation attempts. The following month joint ventures troops invaded the Balearic Islands and Mubassir requested the cessation of hostilities in Exchange for freeing all the captives, although he/she failed his word, giving rise to a new wave of Christian attacks in which the island was razed to the ground.

End 1114 Mubassir seriously ill and, foreseeing his death, named his successor to its relative, the caïd Abu-l-Rabi Sulyman ibn Lubbun, known in the Christian sources as Burabe, that Mallorca was conquered by the cross Coalition (1115).


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