Biography of René Mugica (1909-1998)

Film director, actor and Argentine writer, born in Carhué (Buenos Aires) on August 8, 1909 and died on 3 May 1998.

His career in the world of the cinema began at age 30 as an actor. Soon he went to the other side of the camera, initially in Assistant and Assistant Director work. In 1960, he directed his first film, the centroforward died at dawn, the work of Agustín Cuzzaniversion. The following year departed from another literary work, the tale of J. l. Borges , entitled "The man de la esquina rosada", to shoot his second film, which were awarded in San Sebastián Festival. He retired from film directing in 1980, and in the middle left, among others, murga, rat's port, the demon in the blood (awarded at the 4th International Film Festival of Buenos Aires), the eighth hell, the cockpit, the good life and under the sign of the homeland. He was the director of the National Institute of cinematography and the Argentinean film directors institution.

Mugica also cultivated literature, and published several books, among which stands out the fifth rider.