Biography of King of la taifa Murcia Muhammad ibn Ahmed (ca. 1020-1114)

King of the taifa of Murcia, born about 1020 and died in Valencia in 1114. His full name was Abu ' Abd al - Rahman Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr ibn Tahir. Under his reign, Murcia reached its independence, after being conquered by the Kingdom of Seville.

Son of Abú Bakr Ahmed ibn Tahir, Muhammad belonged to a prominent Arab family qaysi installed in the cora de Tudmir (Murcia) in the 8th century. On the death of his father in 1063 Muhammad succeeded him as Governor of Murcia, although recognizing the sovereignty of the Valencian Régulo Abd al-Malik Al - Muzaffar. In 1065 Valencia became the sovereignty of Abul Hassán Yahya ibn Ismail of Toledo and Murcia became independent in fact of the Valencian Kingdom, becoming a fully independent taifa. Thus remained until 1078, year in which the conquest of Murcia went into plans of Abul Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad, the famous al-' mutamid of Seville, who had just conquered Cordoba.

Al - Mu'tamid sought the Alliance of Barcelona Ramón Berenguer II for the conquest of Murcia, but finally the catalan count left the campaign and the Sevillian Régulo enlisted the help of Abd al-Rahmán ibn Rasiq, caid of Velez Rubio, who it was who took the city. It took Muhammad ibn Ahmed and proclaimed sovereign al - Mu'tamid.

Muhammad remained prisoner until 1080, year in which Ibn Ammar, vizier of the Sevillian Regulus had managed to retain power in Murcia at the expense of al - Mu'tamid, was expelled from the city by Ibn Rasiq. The Banu Tahir marched to Valencia and there Muhammad participated in the tremendous events that shook the city after the death of Abu Bakr ibn Abd al - Aziz (1085): in 1087 he/she supported the cause of Yahya al-Qadir of Valencia face the aspirations of conquering the city of Mugdir Ibn Hud of Lerida; Tortosa and Dénia; Mugdir was rejected above all by the intervention of the Cid in favour of al - Qadir, even if this meant paying huge taxes by Valencia.

Muhammad ibn Ahmed was a brilliant writer that cultivated the epistolary genre. Many of his letters were collected by the antologos.


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