Biography of King of la taifa de Alpuente Muhammad II (1036-?)

Fourth King of the taifa of Alpuente, belonging to the family of the Banu Qasim, son of Amed Abdud al-Dawla. Born in 1036 and died in date unknown. He/She occupied the throne on the death of his father, but only way to nominal since it was minor, and for less than a year.

His theoretical reign began on the death of his father in 1043, when he/she was seven years old, but in reality was his maternal grandfather, Qasim, which supported by Amed Abdud al - Dawla supporters exercised the tasks of Government. The situation has not remained stable long since the previous Caliph brothers were not willing to admit the Government of usurper Qasim. Therefore the future Abdallah II (or Nizam al - Dawla) directed the rebellion that deposed his nephew, he/she sent along with her mother, therefore Qasim saw as his power vanished. Abdallah II Nizam al - Dawla married, shortly afterwards, the mother of his nephew to give greater legitimacy to his proclamation as King and set out to carry out the tasks of Government with total normality.

After his deposition at the hands of his uncle Muhammad track is lost since the chronicles do not mention it. Ignored by both the date and the place of his death as well as the events that occurred in the life of the deposed King.


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