Biography of Bey de Túnez Muhammad III al-Saduq (1812-1882)

Twelfth bey husayni of Tunisia (1859-1882) born and died in Tunisia (current capital of Tunisia), in the year 1812 and 1882, respectively.

Brother of Muhammad II, which happened, inherited a Tunisian beylakato quite confused and broken as a result of economic mismanagement which his predecessors had developed since the beginning of the century in office, which was exceedingly complicated due to the expansionist eagerness displayed by the major European powers at that time, desiring to settle in North Africa. In this context, Muhammad III could not remedy the fact that the presence you French in the country was increasing; from the year 1830 France had set up a protectorate in neighbouring Algeria. In an attempt to modernize the country, Muhammad III reorganized the army, communications, the economy and law, according to Western molds.

When the foreign loans ended up ruining all the already on its weakened Tunisian economy, Europe direct intervention in the internal affairs of the country became inevitable. At the Congress of Berlin, in the year 1878, Britain, which had already obtained Cyprus, recognized the interests of France in the middle of the Maghreb, while the French did the same with the British from Egypt. France, alarmed by the increase of the colonialist claims of Italy in Tunisia, and on the pretext of a modest incursion of Tunisian tribes in Algeria, carried out a punitive expedition in Tunisia that forced to entrust foreign sovereignty to a resident French Minister by the signing of the Treaty of Bardo, on 12 May of the year 1881 Muhammad IIIwhereby Tunisia went on to become de-facto French protectorate. After his death, Muhammad III was succeeded in office by his brother Alí III.