Biography of Bey de Túnez Muhammad IV al-Hayy (1855-1906)

Tenth quarter bey husayni of Tunisia (1902-1906) born in Tunisia (capital of Tunisia), in 1855, and died in the Palace of Dermech, next to the ancient city of Carthage (Tunisia), in 1906.

For its soothing, in favour of dialogue and peace to resolve the country's problems, and for his religiosity, he/she was known by all with the laqah (nickname) of al - Hajj ('the Pacific'). In 1902 he/she succeeded in the beylakato his father Alí III, at a time when quite delicate for the country, as a result of the open crisis with the French colonial authorities by the resurgence of the nationalist movement. Not in vain, in the year 1904 was born the first more or less organized movement marked its nationalist and independentist, young Tunisians, led by intellectual Alí Hadj Hamba, which wasn't having many followers and a newspaper, Tunisi, who became the spokesman of all Tunisian unrest early and anti-French. The young Tunisian movement caused many problems to the bey Muhammad IV, eager to preserve and promote even further the good relations of friendship and cooperation with the Government of Paris that his predecessors had kept up to date, as demonstrated in the journey, in 1904, he/she made to Paris to return visit to the French President Loubet. The death, in 1905, he/she was succeeded by his cousin Muhammad al-Nasir.