Biography of Bey de Túnez Muhammad VI al-Habib (1922-1929)

Tenth sixth bey husayni of Tunisia (1922-1929), born and died in the city of Tunisia (current capital of Tunisia), in the years 1858 and 1929, respectively.Grandson of Husayn bey II (1824-1835), was adopted by his uncle bey Muhammad III al-Sadiq (1859-1882), and succeeded in the beylakato his cousin Muhammad V.

The seven years of his rule were marked by strained relations between the Tunisian and French colonial authorities as a result of the resurgence of nationalist action starring the Destur party led by Abdelaziz Thalebi. The cancellation of the colonial reforms introduced a year earlier by the General resident French Lucien Saint (repeal of martial law that prevailed in the country since the year 1911, freedom of press and Association, and the creation of several bodies of self-government Tunisian) marked the start of a period of tight marking and excessive hardness by the Frenchthat it resulted in the banning of all political parties and the exile of nationalist leaders. Muhammad VI, while supporting the nationalist claims, had no choice but to submit to the guidelines set by the Government of Paris. Died, he/she was succeeded by Ahmad II (1929-1942).