Biography of Ricardo Muñoz Suay (1917-1997)

Spanish filmmaker, born and died in Valencia. He was Assistant Director, producer, film director and director of the film library of the Generalitat Valenciana.

His youth was marked by political events, of which remained on the sidelines. Membership to the Communist party dates back to before the Civil War. At the end of the race, when he tried to leave the country from the port of Alicante, he fell prisoner and moved him to the concentration camp of Albatera. He was able to escape within a few months with the help of a Communist friend, lived clandestinely in Valencia until 1945, traveled to Madrid with false documentation and there was arrested and jailed for three of the five years that meant you the sentence. His release from prison did not influence to participate in the activities of the PCE.

Introduced in the world of cinema, was associate producer and Assistant Director of García Berlanga in welcome, Mister Marshall. Another famous Spanish film - Viridiana by Luis Buñuel- was the Executive producer, through producer Uninci dissolved after the scandal that gave rise to the feature film. In the Decade of the 1960s was one of the creators of the Barcelona school, who wanted to move to the nouvelle vague or free cinema. In that city he took part for seven years in the realization of about thirty feature films of terror of series B.

In 1962 he left the PCE and decided to also leave the cinema, what did not take place until it ended its collaboration in Carmen, of the Italian director Francesco Rosi, in 1983, year in which he was named director of the Mostra de Cinema of the Mediterranean.

In 1985 he settled definitely in Valencia to lead the film library of the city. In 1987 he acted as coordinator of the Congress of intellectuals and artists, held in the same city.