Biography of King of la taifa de Tortosa Muqatil al-Fatah (¿-ca. 1053)

King of the taifa of Tortosa born at unknown dates, and probably died in 1053. Of Slavic origin, are very little information about this character who ruled from 1038 until his death.

Muqatil al - Fatah was one of the generals or fatás of Almanzor, as such it should participate in military campaigns organized by the leader against the territories of the North of the peninsula controlled by Christians. These attacks were a very important source of income for those who participated since a part of the booty was distributed among the soldiers.

It was out of Cordoba as so many other Slavs with the proclamation of Muhammad II al-Madih as Caliph in 1009, this one of the great-grandchildren of Abd al-Rahman III; in a desperate attempt to seize power fiercely persecuted Berbers and Slavs to enlist the support of the powerful Arab nobility. Far from achieving its purposes al - Madih made more apparent differences between these three groups without getting any benefit for that reason.

It is not known when arrived at Tortosa nor the role he/she played to his proclamation as King, following the death of Labib. We know the dates of his reign by emissions of currency that began the ECSC of Tortosa from 1039 name, it is assumed that his coming to power had to be earlier. These coins, left of coining from 1053, date in which appears the name of his successor already ' the.

For what regards his reign, little or nothing is known of his performances, except that it dismissed the cadi ('judge') of Tortosa Abu Zayd Ibn Hassan for failing against a friend. This fact highlights the breakdown of traditional institutions during the period of the kingdoms taifas, since during the period of splendour of the Caliphate a cadi rarely left his post before his death.

It is likely to remain in power until his death in 1053, since testimonies claiming otherwise are not collected. From this date begin to appear minting of currency with the name of his successor in office, already ', also of Slavic origin that ruled from 1053 until 1057.


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