Biography of rey hitita Mursilis III (1282-1275 a.C.)

(Ur-khi-tea-shu-up or Mur-shi-li-ish or URKHI-TESHUB MURSILI) Hittite King, which was renamed personal Urkhi-Teshub Mursilis III real access to the throne. He/She was son of Muwattalis and one of his secondary wives, and given that his father had died without a direct heir of the main Queen, her uncle Khattusilis enthroned (the future Khattusilis III), thus respecting the memory of his brother and the Hittite laws of succession to the throne, established centuries ago by Telepinus. Recovered again Khattushas to the gasgas, Mursilis III chose her as the imperial capital and from it, as a great King of Hatti, dedicated themselves to control the provinces and kingdoms of their State. Control over the high country, in Hakmis, as a vassal King, since he/she was not able to move who had given the throne and allowed his uncle Khattusilis continue with the Government. However, after about seven years, Mursilis III snatched his uncle territories and Royal dignity, which provoked the rupture between the two. Khattusilis III, military expert and beloved ruler, initiated the rebellion and could defeat his nephew in Shamukha (near Malatya). However, Khattusilis III, always faithful to the memory of his brother, authorized Mursilis III to control some cities of the Syrian province of Nukhashshe. To intrigue planned by Mursilis III against Khattusilis - already in power, this Consequently, reacted by what Mursilis III was forced to flee to Babylon; After being captured, he/she was banished "to the side of the sea" (surely to Cyprus or perhaps Egypt). Despite the efforts made since his exile to regain the throne, Mursilis III was unable to get it.