Biography of Alberto Mussato (1261-1329)

Historian, poet and playwright in the Latin language, diplomatic and Italian war man, born in San Daniele D'abano in 1261 and died in Chioggia in 1329. Did the times of Padua Ambassador at the Court of the Emperor Enrique VII; Antenor homeland he also served in the war against Cane della Scala; civil merit and, especially, by the military, was the first poet laureate after that habit of lost since ancient times (in a ceremony held in Padua in 1314), and long before Petrarch any recovery that ceremony permanently for the West. His most notable writings are De rebus gestis Henrici VII, De gestis italicorum post Henricum VII (in which recovers some of the fundamentals of classical historiography), tragedies Eccerinis (taking the name of Ezzelino III da Romano, Podestà of Padua) and Achilleis, who wrote to the way out, Poemata and Epistolae. Their texts in prose and verse saw the light in a few Opera published in Venice in 1636.