Biography of Alfred de Musset (1810-1857)

French writer, born in Paris in 1810 and died on 2 may 1857.

After completing secondary studies confirmed his family wishes that he/she had undertaken his literary vocation. He/She felt a deep attraction to worldly life. Writing as a way of feeling varied experiences was taken in principle. From 1832, when he/she died his father, Musset denoted a real inclination towards literature. Maintained an impetuous relationship with George Sand. In its early days are translations of confessions of a dining room of Quincey opium and the publication in verse tales of Spain and Italy (1830), homage to the romantic mythology. The same year is the piece the Venetian night work was premiered without success. 1833 is the poem Rolla, desperate search to regain absolute values.

His relationship with Sand are the writings: the confession of a child of the century (1836) and Lorenzaccio (1834), works written under a great sentimental tension. This relationship, sometimes interrupted, favored his work as in the case of: night (1935-37), poem in four parts and a collection of plays intended for reading; A spectacle in an armchair (1834), which includes: Lorenzaccio, Andrea de el Sarto, the vagaries of Mariana, Fantasio and not there is teasing with love. He/She befriended Rachel, actress who played works of Racine, so was unable to attend the new scenic taste. In 1840 he/she published complete poetries. From now on will write light tales, relaunching its theatre with the following titles: candleholder, must never swear nothing, a whim, is necessary that the door is open or closed, Louison, impossible to think all Carmosine, Bettine and proverbs in comedies and Proverbs (1853).

In his characters anticipated the image of its own destruction, seductive and ephemeral, life like his writing characters. The pleasure in them, is at the same time starting point of its annihilation and Foundation of an existential choice.

His most notable works are: the son of the century, Frank, sterile votes, Octavio, Rafael secret thoughts, Star pale of late, to Pepa, A Juana, Rolla, a good fortune, the evening of December, letter to Lamartine, Ode to the Malibran, hope in God, a night lost on July 13, my brother after returning from Italy, the German Rhine,After a reading, tips to a Parisian and the shade of my neighbor.