Biography of María Mutola (1972-VVVV)

Athlete Mozambican, born in Maputo on 27 October 1972, Olympic champion and world in the test of 800 meters, and recordwoman of the 1,000 meters.

The career of this powerful medium distances athlete started at the beginning of the 1990s, thanks to a grant from the International Olympic Committee that allowed him to move to the United States in July 1991. The following year he participated in the Olympic Games of Barcelona where ran tests of the 800 and 1,500 meters, which was, respectively, fifth and ninth position. His progression since then was enormous, as evidenced that stood with the World Championships in 1993 in Stuttgart, his brilliant performance in the Goteborg in 1995, where it had repeated the triumph of not having been disqualified in the semi-finals, and his three consecutive victories at the World Indoor Championships.

By then Mutola came to bear an impressive mark of winning streak that lasted until the beginning of the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. On the occasion of this event, which was presented as a serious candidate for the gold medal, ran well but in the end ran into two rivals of considerable category, Russian Svetlana Masterkova - who also won in the 1,500 meters--and the Cuban Ana Fidelia Quirot, gold and silver medals respectively, which relegated to Mutola at the third position on the podium with a mark of 1:58.71 minutes; It was a huge disappointment for her, although the quality of his rivals gave great value to his bronze. Twice beat the record for the 1,000 meters, in August 1995 at the rally in Brussels with a record of 2:29.34 and in 1998 in indoor with 2:30.94 minutes. At the World Championships in Athens in 1997 he returned to linger at the gates of the triumph with a silver medal, metal in the World Championships in Maebashi (Japan) of 1999 and on the of Seville that summer, both in which fell to the Czech Ludmila Formanová occasions. At the end of the games in Sydney in the year 2000 was opposed by the Austrian Graf and the British Holmes, but Mutola ended up imposing its strength in the final meters to finally claim his first Olympic title in the 800 meters, in a career of great quality in which the first three athletes dropped from 1:57 minutes.

The Mozambican 800 m world champion was proclaimed in 2001 in Edmonton (Canada) and reissued his title in Paris 2003. On 5 September of that same year won the million dollar Golden League athletics, after winning for the sixth consecutive 800 m.

At the Athens 2004 Olympic Games came with well-founded hopes to republish some of the successes of the past. Thus, its participation in the 800 attracted enough excitement. However, Britain's Kelly Holmes surprised friends and strangers lifting up with the title, and relegating Mutola to fourth place which was a real failure.

With all this, there were also voices that ensured that the Mozambican was finished. His repeated injuries, muscle problems, and his many years (thirty-three) predicted not a good perspective to deal with the world on Indoor Championships held in Moscow in April 2006. Mutola showed once again its winning character and courage, however, prevailed in the final of the 800 m and winning his seventh gold medal indoors, an incredible feat that enlarged further its already on its huge legend.