Biography of King of la taifa de Tortosa Nabil al-Fatah (1057-1060)

King of the taifa of Tortosa born and died in date unknown. He/She ruled from 1057 until 1060. The end of his reign was marked by the annexation of Tortosa to the taifa Kingdom of Zaragoza.

Slavic origin, came to power in a peaceful way in the year 1057; possibly to the death of his predecessor in office already ' the; Although this information is unconfirmed, opinions to the contrary are not collected in the sources, Ibn Khaldun alluded to the brevity of the Government already ' the not to mention at any time that it would have to leave power in a hurry. It was the last of the Slavic leaders who ruled in Tortosa, since it lost power by an uprising of the people who gave the Kingdom peacefully to the King of the taifa of Zaragoza, al-Muqtadir, in the year 1060.

The reasons that led to the fall of Nabil al - Fatah are unknown, it is possible that al - Muqtadir conspires against him to seize control of his Kingdom even though there is no evidence of such conspiracy. Another possible explanation for the delivery of power to the King of Zaragoza, may be the fear of the population before Christian advances. These kingdoms had achieved political stability and thanks to the payment by the Muslim kingdoms of the outcasts had been able to restructure its economy. Many kingdoms became tributaries of the Christians, this allowed that they could count on their collaboration on the numerous quarrels faced by different kingdoms, but in return it was increasingly clear intervention of the Christians in the Affairs of the kingdoms taifas. The same Al - Muqtadir was helped by Armengol III of Urgel, Ramiro I of Aragon and García de Pamplona between 1048 and 1063, in his attempts to conquer Lérida and paid a lot of money to the King of Castile Alfonso VI in the year 1076 to allow him to continue its expansion by the Kingdom of Valencia, coming to hiring in 1081 to Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. Despite all the Taifa of Zaragoza was one of the largest in the area and in the eyes of the inhabitants of Tortosa could be considered as the best solution to their problems.

With the fall of Nabil al - Fatah, the Slavs lost an important territory since this taifa came to depend on the family of the Banu Hud of Zaragoza. The death of al - Muqtadir, the taifa became independent for a few years and was ruled by one of his sons Mugdir between 1081 and 1090.


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