Biography of King of Babilonia y Nínive Nabopolasar (625-605 a.C.)

(Nabu-apal-usur or AK.TUR.USH-u-su-ur) King of Babylon, founder of the tenth dynasty of the Babylonian Empire (called Chaldea). From the more southern parts of the country from the Sea (Bit Yakini) could do with power in Babylon and other cities (Sippar, Dilbat, Uruk, Nippur), taking advantage of the circumstances that are lived in Assyria after the death of Assurbanipal. From the year 620 BC, Nabopolassar, known for chronicling, could control Babylon with total autonomy, even attacking the city of Assur. In 614 BC, the granddaughter of Cyaxares allied himself with Cyaxares, King of the Medes, enhanced Alliance with the marriage of his son Nabucodonosor II with Amytis. The coalition of Chaldeans, Medes and escitas could take over Nineveh, city which fell in 612 BC, and in which the Assyrian king died without-Shar-Iskun. Years later, he/she also fought victoriously against the last Assyrian king Ashur-Uballit II, in Kharran, where they had taken refuge. After a raid against Urartu in 608 BC, three years later, the Chaldean troops sent by the then Prince heir Nabucodonosor obtained a great victory in Carchemish against Egyptian troops of Nekao II, the Pharaoh who had helped the Assyrians. This battle helped Nabopolassar seize all Syria, although that same year would perish, with which the throne passed to his son Nabucodonosor II in 604 BC