Biography of Félix Nadar (1820-1910)

French photographer, born in Paris. He spent his childhood and youth in Lyon. His real name was Gaspar Félix Tournachon. Man known in his time for his multiple facets (it was an adventurous aeronaut, writer, playwright, artist, cartoonist, journalist, actor and, of course, photographer). He began working as a journalist and founded his own magazine, the revue Comique in 1849. In its aspect as a photographer noted for his portraits, among them, those who performed the featured characters of his time (Balzac, Víctor Hugo). The portraits show the psychological side of the model, the photographer ability gained in his time as cartoonist, masterfully combining lighting. He also made the first aerial photographs of Paris from a hot-air balloon, which was considered of great importance for topographic elevations and to master the movements of the enemy in time of war. Theirs are also the first photographs taken with artificial light.