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Biography of Naqi'a (ca. 700 a.C.)

(Na-ki-'- or Ni-iq) Last wife of the Assyrian king Sennacherib and mother of Assarhaddon, known thanks to a bronze, today in the Louvre Museum. Naqi' of Aramaic origin and called in Assyrian Zaqutu, managed to achieve a great influence in the Assyrian society, as well as in the religious field. It also influenced her husband to choose as heir to the throne to his son, what would motivate even the murder of the own Sennacherib at the hands of other children had other wives. Also, on the death of Assarhaddon, Naqi' to intervened energetically in the proclamation as King of his grandson Assurbanipal, conjuring up all the Assyrians to respect the loyalty owed him as Queen Mother.